Flight Schools in Akron, Ohio: Pilot Training Courses and Certifications

Are you searching for a flight school near Akron, Ohio that provides pilot training courses and certifications? Look no further! Commercial Aviation Corporation, Bowling Green State University Aviation School, Access Flight Training Services, Sinclair Community College Aviation, Sundowner Flight School, University of Cincinnati University of Aviation Technology, and Capital City Pilot Training and Aircraft Rental Club are some of the top flight schools in Ohio.

Commercial Aviation Corporation

is situated at The Ohio State University and offers first-rate ground and flight instruction to students enrolled at the university. The Center for Aviation Studies administers academic aviation programs. Visit the Center for Aviation Studies website to find out more about the degree programs available.

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Aviation School

is located in Blowing Green, Ohio and is ranked among the best flight schools in Ohio.

Access Flight Training Services is another great option for flight training in Ohio. This school guarantees that its flight instructors guide your training so that you can pursue a career in aviation. Students enrolled in the Air Transport specialty of the Faculty of Arts (26% of Science) or in the Aviation specialty of the Faculty of Engineering have the opportunity to complete the professional pilot specialization. Before enrolling in a flight school, it is important to evaluate the type of aircraft available, take a tour, ask students questions, and view the available aircraft. Premier Flight Academies has some of the most advanced aircraft and simulators in Ohio. Sinclair Community College Aviation completes the list of the best flight schools in Ohio and is one of the most comprehensive aviation technology programs in the state.

The city's aeronautical training institute has friendly flight instructors with extensive experience.

Sundowner Flight School

is another great option for those looking to get their private pilot license and qualification. The school has some of the newest aircraft and routine maintenance to make your training experience incredible. The University of Cincinnati University of Aviation Technology provides students with unique educational opportunities and crucial opportunities for future professional employment in aviation. Finally, Capital City Pilot Training and Aircraft Rental Club is a pilot training and aircraft rental club whose objective is to help students become professional pilots by employing one of the most modern types of aircraft for training in the Ohio region. No matter which flight school you choose, you will receive quality job opportunities that may arise in the aviation sector during your training program.

Get the training you need to succeed as a professional fixed-wing or helicopter pilot in one of the most versatile training environments in the world with nearly 365 flying days a year!.

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